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Schuylkill River in November.
Schuykill (pronounced Skoo-Kill) is a dutch name meaning "hidden creek". This area of Pennsylvania was originally inhabited by Lenape (Delaware) indians, and they called the river Tool-pay Hanna, the Turtle River. It lies entirely in Pennsylvania, starting in the Appalachian mountains and then, before joining the Delaware river a few miles north of Philadelphia International Airport, passing scenic Art Museum and Center City areas.
There are several mentions of the river in Jules Verne's "Robur the Conqueror", as the story starts in Philadelphia. "Robur disappeared amid a sheaf of hands that were thrown
about as if caught in a storm. In vain the steam whistle screamed its fanfares on to the assembly. Philadelphia might well think that a fire was devouring one of its quarters and that all the waters of the Schuyllkill could not put it out".
Many philadelphians may have noticed green algae-looking slime floating and spreading on the surface of the water this summer. Well, according to Philadelphia Water Department, it was not algae but a naturally occuring duckweed due to lower than normal flows this past summer. So, not to fear - we can still safely enjoy beautiful walks on Kelly Drive. :)